About us

Touch Embroidery is part of the Photo Embroidery family. A cloud service that digitizes photographs into embroidery in quality that rivals printing. It was this departure from the traditional approach to embroidery software that lead to a rethink of what goes into embroidery software.

As a computer scientist, it is easy for me to see how very odd much of the embroidery industry is with regard to software. And as an appreciater of art and the skill of artists, treating embroidery like a paint by number scheme as modern embroidery software does is fine but rather cumbersome. Treating embroidery like vectors with stitches is in error. There is only one type of machine embroidery stitch, what many call the running stitch. But fill stitches and satin stitches and every other stitch is just a sequence of running stitches. Tatumi isn't so much a stitch but an algorithm for filling in non-monotone areas with back-and-forth running stitches and applying underlay to various monotone pieces so that a thread cut is avoided. But there are many ways to do this and usually the best embroiderers can coax there software into doing it the way they want, or offer enough control to avoid the problems this creates, and it really doesn't have to be this way. The software the price of a car, the bugs, the locked in standards. No industry needs to be this way. And I'm going to fix it! Or at least make useful software for some people.